Our Story

Water quality is one of the most important environmental issues in the United States.

Few situations incite more public outcry than when a community learns that their source of drinking water has been contaminated. Much like the emergency airlift missions of past generations, which provided the needed supplies and equipment to protect communities, we have the expertise and technologies to solve today’s groundwater contamination problems and ensure communities that their vital water resource is safe and protected.

Mark Christenson


Mark is Airlift Environmental’s co-founder and President. He is a native of North Platte, NE and served six years in the U.S. Navy as a chemist on a nuclear submarine before returning to Nebraska to earn a bachelor’s degree in Water Science from the University of Nebraska (UNL). In 2009, he began his graduate degree program under the guidance of Dr. Steve Comfort. During his graduate years, he excelled at developing innovative solutions to groundwater contamination problems. His master’s thesis project was the first to install slow-release oxidant candles in the field.

Dr. Steven Comfort


Steve is Airlift Environmental’s co-founder and VP. Steve has been a Professor of Soil and Water Chemistry at UNL for 27 years. His research is devoted to developing innovative remediation techniques for contaminated soil and water. During his tenure at UNL, Steve has built and run an environmental chemistry laboratory and successfully supervised numerous graduate and undergraduate students through their degree programs. Dr. Comfort has co-authored more than 70 publications, served on environmental editorial boards and is recognized by his peers for his ability to conduct both laboratory and field-scale research to solve environmental problems. Dr. Comfort also coordinates the Environmental Restoration Science undergraduate major at UNL, which is dedicated to training future environmental scientists.

James Reece


James is a graduate of UNL’s Environmental Restoration Science program. After graduation, he spent a year at ORIN Technologies (Madison, WI) performing in situ and ex situ treatments of contaminated media. He also worked as an undergraduate researcher and teacher’s assistant for Dr. Comfort for two years. He brings a well-rounded background of environmental chemistry and field-scale remedial experience to AirLift Environmental. James has past experience with permanganates, persulfates, peroxides, ZVI, emulsified oils, anaerobic bacteria, sodium dithionite, and modified Fenton’s reagent. James is a licensed Well Drilling Contractor/Water Well Monitoring Technician with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and 40-hour HAZWOPER certified.