AirLift is a veteran-owned environmental remediation company that provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to treating contaminated groundwater.

Recent Field Results

When using chemical oxidants, how do clients know if they are getting:



Complete coverage of the target zone?



Long-lasting results?


A treatment that solves the problem?

Is there a safer and easier way to deliver oxidants to contaminated aquifers?


Liquid permanganate
Mixing trailer, pumps, hoses, etc.
Liquid Injection
Injection Wells

AirLift mixes chemical oxidants with wax and additives and molds them into

for groundwater treatment.


Permanganate Candle (Cylinder) in Screen
Persulfate Candle (Cylinder) in Screen

AirLift Combines Aeration with Oxidant Candles® to Prevent Density Flow and Increase Coverage

A. Narrow Flow Tank Showing Vertical Spreading
B. Wide Flow Tank Showing Horizontal Spreading
Oxidant Radius of Influence in 6ft. tank

Traditional ISCO versus Aerated Oxidant Candles®

Video used with permission from the University of Nebraska – all rights reserved

Time-lapse video of 5-foot Permanganate Candles placed in water tanks, with and without aeration.

Oxidant candles can be installed by direct-push or placed in screens and dropped down wells.

Direct-Push (no wells)
Place in Carriers (Drop down well)

Permanganate Candle Barrier

Here is an example of a Permanganate Candle Barrier completed in 2016.
Contamination: Chlorinated Solvents | Location: Hoover Site (Beatrice, NE)

Solar Powered Compressor

Reloading the Oxidant Candle® is as easy as 1, 2, 3.




Our Modular Oxidant Delivery System (MODS) consists of three components:

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Insertion Point

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